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Monday, June 12, 2006

I Love Them, But The SF Giants Suck

The last two years have been awful to be a Giants fan.

We've got an owner who thinks we are the Yankees of the West (we are the twinkies of the west). A host radio station that is still shell-shocked from firings mandated by the Giants last year, and afraid to tell it like it is. A manager that has never won anything on any level (except last year he got the "messenger of satan" sportstalk guy fired). And a front office that needs to put the crack pipe down because: 1) our team is the oldest in the major leagues and all we seem to add is older, broken-down players; 2) we have no minor league (no talent to speak of in the past five years has risen through to the big leagues); 3) this team has no chance even in the worst division in baseball; and 4) there is no hope in sight ... this team is 3-5 years (and a new front office) away from building a team that can win a World Series.

Where's the proof: Todd Worrell (garbage rubber armed pickup); Ray Durham (old, washed up, DL waiting to happen hack. Nice re-sign ... to the tune of $7 million!!); Steve Finley (since he kisses Barry's ass, he was a good pick up? I get it, he batted .222 last year ... he's got potential); Jamey Wright (HA!! This guy has a career ERA over 5.00 and the front office touted this guy as a great acquisition. Small problem Mr Sabean and Baer his ERA is about 4.60 and it doesn't look like it's gonna drop); Matt Morris (another retread, Sabeanesque pick up ... can you say awfull, awfull awfull?). How about prospects, well Pedro Feliz (finally getting that chance to be the everyday 3rd basemen ... well I am waiting Pedro. Oh, and Pedro, lay off pitches in the dirt, over your head and take a pitch every once a month!!!); Lance Niekro (another promising star? or another Sabean F-up?); Acardo, Correia (maybe it's time to see what other crap we have in the minors?); Armando Benitez (the genuises in the front office gave away Joe Nathan and signed this brainless wonder, they and Armando are a match made in heaven!!).

It's time for Sabean's head. He needs to go. The Giants have no talent on the major league team ... no minor league talent, a huge payroll and a bunch of 32+ players who have lost a step (maybe two?) and can't stay healthy!!! How long do we need to be awful? I am not content with just playing to win the West ... I want this organization to wake up, make the necessary changes to get to the series again. This time without Dusty and those miserably stupid sweatbands on his wrist.

That's all I got for today ...


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