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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This Man is Responsible for ALL our WOES!!!

Some call him clown, some dufus, many say idiot, fool, hack, dope, dummy ... I'll just call him Brian Sabean.

Brian, don't call me the brain, Sabean ... the single reason why the Giants are where they are with NO help in sight!! None.

How bad is Sabean?? I am glad you asked. You do the math: Eguardo Alphonso, Marvin Bernard, Armando Benitez (6.2 mill), Steve Finley (7 mill), Ray "Hammy" Durham (err 7 mill), Tim Worrell (1.75 mill), Matt Morris (5.5 mill) ...

I think nothing quite compares, maybe in history, to "Brian's coup de gras": the legendary Boof Bonser trade. "While it didn't come up easy to give up Joe, we feel we've got some alternatives within the organization," San Francisco general manager Brian Sabean said. "It's not often you can send a right-handed reliever and two unproven prospects for a front-line, All-Star catcher." Excellent point Brian ... it's always a good idea to trade Joe Nathan (3.5 mill per year, 50 saves in 1.5 years), Francisco Liriano (327k and unhitable), and Boof Bonser (a former 1st round draftee who's not doing much) for AJ Pierzynski (who they signed for 3.5 mill, and released outright, with no compensation, the following year!!)

The Giants released AJ outright, signed Mike Matheny for 3.3 mill, and then went out and signed Armando Benitez for 6.2. Hmmm, almost 10 mill in new players, who have not yielded huge dividends, while giving away a top closer, and a potential star pitcher, and a mediocre pitcher!! Only to give away, for nothing, the player they signed in the first place. If you are dizzy it's understandable.

Brian, you need to go. Please leave, now. Bye bye. Now be gone!!!!

What more can I say??


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